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SNOMED International values engagement throughout the course of the year with the thriving Community of Practice. We produce business meetings and the SNOMED CT Expo each year as well as participating in a number of industry conferences.

Clinical engagement

Engaging with clinicians is fundamental to ensuring that SNOMED CT is, and continues to be, fit to support clinical practice. The vision of clinical engagement is two-fold. We want to "ensure that all activities of SNOMED International are influenced by global clinical communities” while maintaining a “culture that has a progressive and sustainable approach to engaging clinicians”.

Guided by a clinical engagement strategy and dedicated regional clinical leads, SNOMED International invites clinical contribution through its clinical reference groups.

Advisory groups

SNOMED International has an active ecosystem of advisory groups that conduct specific activities contributing to the fulfilment of the organization’s responsibilities, operational work items as well as the organization’s mandate. Advisory groups are chaired by SNOMED International staff and are agile in nature, given the changing needs of our organization.

Playing a critical role in the management and direction of organization priorities, each advisory group initiates the year by developing a group work plan outline, determining the process by which work plans are actioned, outlining applicable resource requirements, and laying out a set of criteria against which to measure the progress of the applicable group work plan.

Project groups

Project Groups are focused on completing a specific task within a particular period of time and typically have a fixed membership that includes members of the community of practice,  and may include SNOMED International representatives. 

Vendor liaison and marketplace

SNOMED International values the input of vendors into the product development and planning process. Vendors are welcome to participate in the Vendor Liaison Forum (VLF), the perspectives and conversations of which advise the management and direction of SNOMED International as it concerns vendor relations.

Consultant terminologist program

The aim of the SNOMED International Consultant Terminologist Program is to enable an individual with SNOMED CT editing experience to develop into a SNOMED International Consultant Terminologist. The individual successfully completing the mentoring program will be designated as a “SNOMED International Consultant Terminologist”, indicating that the individual is qualified and capable of undertaking advanced development tasks.

The Consultant Terminologist Program has been undergoing a review for the past year, with both internal and external input. As part of that review, there have been many contributions to both identifying where changes could be made and also the benefits found from participating. To those that contributed, we want to thank you for your input!

We have concluded our evaluation and can now advise that the Consultant Terminologist Program will no longer be offered in the same format. Students who are currently enrolled will be able to complete the program and become certified. However, SNOMED International will not be accepting new students into the program. For prior participants needing to re-certify in 2018, the period of certification will extend for 12 months.

Redesigned program elements

  • Recertification will continue to be available for those currently certified. However in 2019 a new recertification process will be rolled out. While the full details have not been finalized, we will ensure that the Consultant Community of Practice is advised of the new process with sufficient time to meet the requirements.
  • As part of these changes, SNOMED International's terminologist education will reside entirely with the Education and Product Support team and will transition out of other areas such as Content and Mapping. 
  • The Content Development Theory Course and the Consultant Terminologist Program will be redesigned into a streamlined, multi-level terminology authoring program. This program will start with a Level 1 Terminology Authoring Course, which will combine content development theory with a 'hands-on' authoring component using a training version of our terminology authoring platform. The Level 1 pilot is due to commence in September 2018.
  • Building on this, an advanced Level 2 Terminology Authoring Course will be piloted in late 2019. This online course will also include a hands-on component. We anticipate that this course will supersede the current Consultant Program. Further details of this course will be made available at a later date.

Certified consultant terminologists

Name Country Initial Certification Last Certified
Case, James USA April 2012 April 2015
Cheetham, Ed UK April 2012  
Goldberg, Bruce USA April 2012 April 2015
Reynoso, Guillermo Argentina April 2012 April 2015
Rogers, Jeremy UK April 2012  
Fung, Kin Wah USA April 2013 Oct 2016
Muys, Herman Belgium April 2013  
Wade, Geraldine USA April 2013 Jan 2017
Richardson, Cathy Australia Oct 2013 Oct 2016
Gao, Yongsheng UK Aug 2015  
Shayengani, Shapoor Canada Oct 2015  
Amos, Paul UK Oct 2015  
Houghton, Patricia Argentina Nov 2015  
Cordell, Matt Australia Dec 2015  
Campbell, James USA May 2016  
Karlsson, Daniel Sweden May 2016  
Wilcke, Jeff USA May 2016  
Van Berkum, Monique USA June 2016  
Keni, Sarita USA June 2016  
Braithwaite, Maria UK Oct 2016  
Campbell, Keith USA Jan 2017  
Harry, Sarah UK Feb 2017  
Sperzel, David USA April 2017  
Ismat Mohd Sulaiman Malaysia Oct 2017  
Nicola Ingram UK Jun 2018  
Monica Harry Canada Jun 2018

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