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Singapore's representative to SNOMED International is the MOH Holdings Pte Ltd (MOHH) - the holding company of Singapore's public healthcare assets.  Together with Singapore's Ministry of Health, MOHH drives various strategic initiatives for the public healthcare sector, including the development the talent management framework for Singapore's public healthcare workers, charting a national IT strategy for the public hospitals and recruitment of healthcare personnel for Singapore's public healthcare community. 

The MOHH makes SNOMED CT available throughout Singapore for use in electronic health records, health research, and other applications. Users of the terminology in Singapore will also have access to new resources as they are developed. For example, work is currently underway on a multi-lingual workbench that will host a toolset needed to develop, manage, and use the terminology, such as tools for terminology editing, translation, mapping, and other applications. 

As the National Release Centre, the MOHH is responsible for distributing and managing SNOMED CT® in Singapore, and developing and maintaining content specific to Singapore. For more information about SNOMED CT in Singapore, please visit


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