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Joint Initiative Council

Joint Initiative Council

Standards Partner

The Joint Initiative Council for Global Health Informatics Standardization (JIC) was formed to further the important role of health informatics standards to:

  • Enable interoperability of information and processes across health domains; 

  • Support the timely, efficient delivery of safe, coordinated, accountable, high-quality health services to individuals, communities and populations; and,

  • Facilitate effective global markets for health information systems.

Visit for a list of participating Members.

Additional information

JIC activities include:

  • A mutually agreed decision process for international standardization needs;

  • Coordinated standards strategies and plans;

  • An integrated work program;

  • Focused, specific resolution of overlapping or counteracting standards within the participating SDOs existing work programs.

In 2020, the JIC released, Setting the stage for the future: Enabling the digital transformation of healthcare, a white paper outlining how nine global standards development organisations serving collectively as the JIC are proudly working together to build and continuously refine coordinated global standards that make high-quality data available to the right people, at the right place and time, supporting high-quality healthcare decisions.

In recent past, JIC Members contributed to the development of the first Standards Set which focused on the Patient Summary. This was published early in 2018 and was made available for review and usage as a guidance document for stakeholders across health informatics globally.  It is a live document which will be maintained over time and updated in line with changes in standards and supporting guidances.


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