What is the Global Patient Set?

The Global Patient Set (GPS) is a managed collection of existing SNOMED CT reference sets released by SNOMED International. The GPS is comprised of unique identifiers, fully specified names (FSN), preferred terms in international English, and active/inactive status flags.

The GPS excludes SNOMED CT’s inherent relationships and hierarchies; fundamental to the nature of an ontology and its ability to enable clinical data analytics, decision support, artificial intelligence, etc.  Further, concept synonyms and definitions are not provided as part of the GPS.

Why release the Global Patient Set?

SNOMED International is releasing the GPS to enable use of structured clinical data without barriers, and supporting preferred conditions for interoperability.

For some users, it may provide a starting point for migration to the use of SNOMED CT. For countries considering membership in SNOMED International, the Global Patient Set will allow for managed exposure and use of SNOMED CT without requiring initial investment.

About the GPS

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The GPS is produced by SNOMED International under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License

Additional information about this license specific to SNOMED International’s release of the GPS:

  • SNOMED CT is © and ® SNOMED International. The right to maintain the GPS remains vested exclusively in SNOMED International.
  • The Licensee can redistribute the GPS.
  • The Licensee can create derivatives or implementation-related products and services based on the GPS.
  • The Licensee cannot claim that SNOMED International or any of its Members endorses the Licensee’s derivative because it uses content from the GPS.
  • Neither SNOMED International nor any of the contributors accept any liability for the Licensee’s use or redistribution of the GPS.
  • SNOMED CT® was originally created by the College of American Pathologists.

Without obtaining prior written permission from SNOMED International, you are expressly prohibited from using, distributing or reproducing the SNOMED International, SNOMED CT or SNOMED GPS logo, service mark or trademark. Please review all terms and conditions of use here.

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