SNOMED International is an organization of more than thirty-five Members, and we have issued affiliate licenses to more than 5,000 individuals and organizations.

Members of SNOMED International can be an agency of a national government, or another body (such as a corporation or regional government agency) endorsed by an appropriate national government authority within the territory it represents.

We engage with Members and affiliates around the world, providing scheduled product updates for SNOMED CT, striving to meet their needs and requirements.

We continue to welcome new Members to our community. Please contact us to learn more about membership in SNOMED International.


Vendors incorporate SNOMED CT into their commercial products and services. Typically, these are businesses involved in the development of specialist health care products, such as software applications for electronic health records.

SNOMED International works with vendors to ease adoption, integration and implementation of SNOMED CT into their products and services. Vendors also serve as an important feedback mechanism to continual improvement of SNOMED CT. 


We work with agencies that implement SNOMED CT on behalf of our Members. We also support implementers in non-member countries who wish to learn more about SNOMED CT and gain access to our clinical terminology.


We engage with clinicians on an ongoing basis to ensure that SNOMED CT remains the gold standard for clinical terminology supporting clinical practice.

This informs the direction of our products and services, and improves their quality and relevance within the clinical context.

We promote collaboration between international healthcare professional groups, specific clinical domain areas and commit to identifying champions who support the implementation of SNOMED CT and contribute to our community of practice.

Other Customers

We maintain relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, including knowledge producers, healthcare administrators, policy makers and researchers.

We welcome inquiries about SNOMED CT from other stakeholders, such as care providers and patients. It is our practice to respond to feedback and questions about our products and services in a timely manner. To find out more, please go to our help center, or follow the link below.

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