Release schedule

The below schedule is representative of the release activity undertaken by SNOMED International throughout the year.  

SNOMED CT International Edition

  • The SNOMED CT International Edition is released monthly at the end of each month. 

SNOMED International Spanish Edition

  • April 30
  • October 31

SNOMED CT Derivative Products

To be published in line with the January International Edition (By 30th April each year)
  • GP/FP Reasons for Encounter/Health Issues Refset
  • ICPC-2 Map (Jan 2019 proposed final release before deprecation)
  • SNOMED to GMDN map

To be published in line with the July International Edition (By 31st October each year)

  • Nursing Activities Refset
  • Nursing Health Issues Refset
  • Odontogram Refset
  • General Dentistry Refset
  • SNOMED to GMDN map

Free Sets

  • ERA
  • IHE
  • HL7

Managed service products

  • US Edition + Extension Packages
  • Belgium Extension
  • Denmark Extension

  • Ireland Extension
  • Norway Extension

  • Estonia Extension
  • New Zealand Extension
  • Sweden Extension

  • Switzerland Extension

Member Licensing and Distribution Service

MLDS is a service provided by SNOMED International for organizations and individuals to request use and access to the International Release of SNOMED CT for use in non-Member countries.

Additional release information

For additional information on our releases and schedules, please review SNOMED International's Service Catalog.