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Ambulance electronic patient report form (ePRF)

Ambulance services are implementing a new national clinical information system on a tablet that ambulance officers will use to capture real time information about clinical impressions, medications and other interventions as they provide care to patients.

For more information, see–Info/News-Articles/ePRF

Location: New Zealand

HealthScore – India’s first SNOMED CT enabled EHR

HealthScore is a browser based hospital management tool. It transforms the way the organization is run, by adding the power of SNOMED CT analytics insights of not just the financials, but, also helps with medical insights and data driven decision making.

Location: 1, Bourdillon Road, Pulikeshi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Salubrious healthcare

To provide quality healthcare in every corner of India.

Location: Delhi, India

Nationwide e-Health Architecture (NeHA)

To allow vendors, care facilities and care providers to achieve semantic interoperability, compliance with EMR standards of India and to achieve health information exchange.

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Snow Owl MQ: Meaningful Query

Snow Owl MQ is a scalable Big Data software platform for:

An online demonstration is available at

Location: Singapore 

Surgical procedure list in logbook and audit tool

Creation of a surgical procedure reference set based on SNOMED CT-AU.

Location: Australia

Interoperability and PHRs in India

In order to handle and maintain Patient health records electronically with additional attributes such as Allergies, Problems, Procedures, Alerts, etc.

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Diagnosis terms for surgical management in logbook and audit tool

To enable surgeons and trainee surgeons to record diagnosis information about the operative cases they log and record the diagnosis for non-operative management undertaken.

Location: Australia

New Zealand Electronic Health Record

The Ministry of Health is leading a 3-year project to establish a national EHR system which will integrate with health provider systems, patient portals and personal health apps to be the source of truth about medications, adverse reactions, problems, tests, events and care plans.

Besides enabling clinical decision support and care coordination, the EHR will allow people to tell their own health story. SNOMED CT will be used throughout as the standard for trusted, actionable health information.

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

EHR with a standard vocabulary

The product Cube EHR is using SNOMED CT as a standard vocabulary for diagnosis and procedures.

Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Ytal care making use of SNOMED CT

We are building a network of Primary care and Consultant physicians in Bangalore. The app uses SNOMED CT for the codification inside of FHIR framework. Using SNOMED CT benefits us as it helps in interoperability and standardisation of clinical notes and observations.

Location: 4th Cross Samptripthi Nagar


To digitize hospital operations and patient notes.

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Eventus, our flagship product, is a standards-based clinical and patient management system for use in clinics and hospitals of varying size and specialties. With a sound team of clinicians, health informaticians, and software developers we are developing an integrated healthcare system that enables data to flow with the patient and achieve interoperability of data across varied system vendors.

We used SNOMED CT for our clinical data and have also seamlessly based our data structures on ISO EN13606. We have achieved interoperability of data through HL7 CCDA as well as XML and JSON for non-HL7-compliant systems. Other standards progressively being used our FDA, ICD10, and DICOM. The use of standardised data helps individual healthcare organisations to analyse their data to make informed decisions regarding their clinical practice as well as their patients.

For further information of our product Eventus email us at or if we you wish to see a demo please complete the form at

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Hospital Management Tool that maintains SNOMED CT enabled EHR

HealthScore application has been implemented in a non-profit general hospital (AMGH). The original objective of the implementation was to move from paper based health records to electronic health records using SNOMED CT. However, the implementation has now transformed the hospital into moving towards becoming a paperless organization.

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Patient referrals between hospitals and hospital departments

To implement regional e-referral solutions that include precise information about the patient’s condition and the nature of the request to improve the handling of referrals and time to see the patient.

Location: New Zealand

Emergency department information system

Implement a new emergency department information system using SNOMED CT at the user interface to record a coded clinical impression and eventual diagnosis.

Location: Nelson, Marlborough, New Zealand

National Death Registry of India

Online death certificate has been started in AIIMS with the vision of maintaining a digital death record with a uniform format across the hospital since 2014. Integration of SNOMED to e-death note is a new initiative from computer facility in collaboration with National Release Centre (NRC) which is sponsored by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

SNOMED CT (Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine — Clinical Terms) is the most comprehensive, clinically validated, semantically rich, multilingual clinical healthcare terminology in the world that is used by physicians and other healthcare providers in Electronic Healthcare Records to capture, retrieve and analyse clinical data.

All the details of the patient should be filled in the death entry form including cause of death. Once the form is filled it has to be saved by the doctor. Since the multiple users are using the e-death note module SNOMED will ensure the uniqueness among the diagnosis entered in fields of immediate cause and antecedent cause that are coded in the SNOMED CT ID.
SNOMED integrated death note will be a vital turning point in data mining and analysis. All fields in e-death note is SNOMED enabled and while entering the data it will be coded with SNOMED CT ID so that uniqueness will developed in data retrieval.

Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India

Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT)

To identify medicines used in Australia, using unique codes to deliver unambiguous, accurate and standardised naming conventions for both branded (trade) and generic (medicinal) products.

Location: Australia

National e-Death Registry

E-death note module is an online module for Doctors to prepare death note. Each user has a unique login id and password to prepare e-death note. The username and password will be provided by the Computer Facility of AIIMS.

The doctor has to login using the username and password and death note should be made in the entry form. All the details of the patient should be filled in the death entry form including cause of death. Once the form is filled it has to be saved by the doctor. The international death form will be auto filled by the system when Regno. is entered. Other forms like death certificate, print card, opd form will also be auto filled.

Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India

Medical Education

Teaching undergraduate medical students.

Location: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Lab for internal requirements

For including recording of allergies and problems.

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Hospital Management Application

It is a 100 year old hospital whose management is looking forward to modernize its hospital functioning and decision making system.

Location: SVS Marwari Hospital, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

AAR DEE Solution Pvt. Ltd. Case study

We are working on a rare disease portal. In this portal patient apply for medical assistance. A form need to be fill by patient and select the disease. It goes to the respective state cell. If the state is approve the application then it will goes to the central cell for further process. Then central need to verify and give the approval and after that the application again goes to the state cell for final approval and permission of patient for treatment.

AAR DEE Health Portal Case study

We have designed a Health Portal Form in which we have covered 4 different type of diseases. In this, there is a form for a patient in which the patient will fill his/her disease. We have set snomed value for the disease so that it can be accessed globally by the ministry or by the doctors. Then they will suggest treatment accordingly.

Akal Information System Ltd. (Ministry of Health) Case study

SNOMED CT Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine -- Clinical Terms SNOMED CT is a robust clinical healthcare terminology, it represents the clinical content in electronic health records. It provides a standardized way to represent clinical terms captured by the clinician. It provides the facilities of sharing the appropriate information with other authorised health care providers involved in health care delivery. It supports the delivery of relevant information to support clinical research & contribute proposition for future improvements in treatment.