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SNOMED CT & Other Terminologies, Classifications & Code Systems

SNOMED CT is a terminology that can cross-map to other international terminologies, classifications and code systems.

Maps are associations between particular concepts or terms in one system and concepts or terms in another system that have the same (or similar) meaning. Mapping is the process of defining a set of maps. Maps are developed in accordance with a documented rationale, for a given purpose. As a result, there may be different maps between the same pair of concepts or terms to meet different use cases.

The purpose of mapping is to provide a link between one international terminology, classification and code system and another in order to obtain a number of benefits. These include:

  • Data reuse, that is, SNOMED CT based clinical data can be reused to report statistical and management data using other terminologies, classifications and code systems
  • Retention of the value of data when migrating to newer database formats and schemas
  • Avoidance of entering data multiple times and the associated risk of increased cost and errors
  • Interoperability amongst international terminologies, classifications and code systems

SNOMED CT specification and content provide guidance when mapping to and from other international terminologies, classifications and code systems. These resources support the creation of simple, complex and extended mappings. 


LOINC Mapping Work

Other Existing Mapping Work


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