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SNOMED CT E-Learning Courses

We provide online courses, tutorials and other materials that are designed to enable you to learn more about SNOMED CT. These services are delivered through the SNOMED CT E-Learning Server.

Online Courses

SNOMED CT Foundation Course

The objective of this course is to extend the depth and breadth of knowledge of SNOMED CT in the global community. The course aims to provide authoritative coverage of a broad range of topics related to SNOMED CT at a relatively basic level. It also enables the growth of more detailed understanding of SNOMED CT by enabling those who complete this course to join more advanced SNOMED CT E-Learning courses in future. This course is targeted at anyone seeking to acquire or demonstrate a broad foundational knowledge of SNOMED CT.

Study is self-paced, can begin at any time and is expected to require a total of 30-35 hours. The course must be completed within a maximum of four months but it is possible to complete it within as little as a week.

To take the course you will need to have an account on the SNOMED CT E-Learning Server. It only takes a few minutes to create an account. Within a few minutes a message will be sent to your email address. Read the email, and click on the web link it contains to confirm your account request. You will then be able to login to the server. If you have an account but have forgotten your login details do not try to create another account, instead use the forgotten password link to reset your account.

When you log into your account you will see a link on the E-Learning home page labelled "Self-enroll on the SNOMED CT Foundation course". Click that link and you will be automatically enrolled on the course. Once in the course, you will see a link to a registration form that you need to complete. Immediately after completing the registration form you will be able to start the course.

Please visit the SNOMED CT Foundation Course Applications page for information about how to apply. 

SNOMED CT Implementation Course

This course builds on knowledge gained during the SNOMED CT Foundation course. It provides an understanding of SNOMED CT that is sufficient for those engaged in various parts of the implementation process – from the decision to adopt SNOMED CT, through to specification and procurement and/or design and development of SNOMED CT enabled solutions, to deployment and practical use.

Successful completion of the Foundation Course is a prerequisite for applying for this course. The first intake began in mid 2015 with new intakes scheduled every four months. The course duration is six-months with an estimated time commitment of 15-18 hours per month.

SNOMED CT Content Development Theory Course

This course will build on knowledge gained during the SNOMED CT Foundation course. The objective is to provide a theoretical understanding of SNOMED CT content and its development and maintenance from a content authoring perspective. This course is intended to provide a foundational base upon which further knowledge and skills such as practical content authoring, subset creation, translation; extension management and mapping would be built.

Successful completion of the Foundation Course is a prerequisite for applying for this course. The course duration is three months with an estimated time commitment of 10-15 hours per month.


Future Courses

Other courses and specific additional course modules are under consideration for development in 2017.

Open Access Services

The E-Learning Server also provides access to a range of open access services.

Starter Tutorials

A small collection of open SNOMED CT Starter Tutorials can be viewed without the need to login to an account on the server. They provide an introduction to some of the key benefits and features of SNOMED CT. This is a good place to start learning informally before joining a course.

SNOMED CT Challenge

The SNOMED CT Challenge is a randomly generated test consisting of ten questions. This open access service requires you to use a temporary anonymous login. You will be shown details of how to login using one of the anonymous accounts when you access the Challenge.

Other Educational Materials

The E-Learning Server also includes a set of pages that provides access to Other Educational Resources. The materials referenced in these pages are not part of the E-Learning service provided by SNOMED International. However, they include many interesting conference presentations related to SNOMED CT as well as links to SNOMED CT educational services provided by our Members.

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