The project eCG tries to provide interoperability between electronic standards that are connected to commercial activities in the German Health Care System. The central purpose lies in the creation of a common valid implementation guideline. This instrument enables the boundless exchange of electronic data at its best. Therefore, actors and transactions will be determined – to map their integration into the procurement process.

Location: Heidelberg, Germany


The mastering of semantic interoperability can be reached through the use of an integrative electronic standard. This standard ensures f. e. the continuous connection between the hospital IT-System and its materials logistic system, the provider transaction platform as well as the warehouse management of the distributors.

At present, there is no standard available that fulfills all the requirements. Above all, the establishment of a new created standard will fail because of the plenty of other standards that are already in use. The goal is now to create a new and functional connection between existing electronic standards and to profit from unutilized resources.

eCG is a consortial project between the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences/Faculty of Health Care, Heidelberg University Hospital, Center f. Information- and Medical Technologies (ZIM), IHE Germany e.V. and the Federation of German Medical Technology e. V. (BVMed e. V.). The research project is government funded by the German ministry of economics and technology (BMWi) and will support the eGovernment initiative to standardize business processes in a structured way. 

How SNOMED CT will be used

SNOMED CT terms will be used inside the implementation guide. In connection with our reasearch activites we found out that SNOMED CT can be applied in the field of electronic orders (f. e. medication).

Why SNOMED CT was selected

Because of its granularity and the option of highly detailed medical information display.

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