To know why a patient has been prescribed a specific medication is important for the patient as well as for the health care staff. The National Board of Health and Welfare in Sweden has developed a new, national knowledge base for reasons for prescription.

This knowledge base will facilitate the documentation of the reasons for prescription in day to day health care. The term “reason for prescription” signifies the rationale for the prescription as specified by the prescriber, e.g. the disease or symptom to be cured or relieved by a specific drug treatment. The knowledge base contains about 1500 reasons for prescription, which are mapped to SNOMED CT.

Location: Socialstyrelsen, Rålambsvägen, Stockholm, Sweden


Information about the reason for prescription of a certain drug treatment for a patient.

How SNOMED CT will be used

For coding of reasons for prescription in medical records and for reuse of information.

Why SNOMED CT was selected

SNOMED CT was selected since the reasons for prescription consist of both clinical findings and procedures on a detailed level. ICD-10 didn't cover the information needs of the knowledge base.

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