The Provincial Terminology Services (pTS) Strategic Plan and Roadmap Project was a joint grant-funded project co-led by the Director, Provincial Terminology Services, Health Information Management, Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Director, Data Management Unit, Alberta Health (AHS).

This project was active from December 2013 and closed in June 2014 with the following objectives completed:

  • Complete a current state analysis including linkage to related initiatives, projects, plans and strategies
  • Identify high level business and clinical requirements
  • Define desired future state
  • Assess desired outcomes
  • Define a Provincial Terminology Services Strategic Roadmap and Delivery Plan
  • Develop a value case for a Provincial Terminology Services Program

Location: Alberta, Canada


Health system wide approach in Alberta, Canada.

How SNOMED CT will be used

This high level strategy identified multiple uses for SNOMED CT. We would be interested in engaging with others working on similiar projects and initiatives.

Why SNOMED CT was selected

Designed for use in electronic point of care systems.

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