Public Health Surveillance system for early detection and containment of possible outbreaks.

Location: British Columbia, Canada


Deployment of Panorama throughout BC and Yukon. Replace iPHIS system with Panorama. Configure Panorama to match BC & Yukon business and user needs. Integrate Panorama with other Public Health information systems in BC (e.g. Client and Provider Registries, PLIS, etc).

How SNOMED CT will be used

SNOMED CT will be used to encode clinical information (e.g. diseases, agents, antigens, signs and symptoms, causative agents, etc).

Why SNOMED CT was selected

Use of SNOMED CT in Panorama was mandated by Canada Health Infoway as the Canadian code system of choice for representing clinical information. Use of SNOMED CT was dictated also by HL7 messaging standards developed by Canada Health Infoway.

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