Moorfields Eye Hospital decided to develop their own application to be used across all 13 of their sites as a way to reduce duplication of data entry, ensure recording in a consistent manner, to improve the sharing of information and the ability to search records from any site.

This Moorfields Eye Hospital case study at provides an overview of their achievements.

The Open Eyes development is an open source initiative which can be found at:

Location: Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, City Road, London, United Kingdom


Moorfields is a specialist eye hospital. The system is used by the consultant ophthalmologists.

How SNOMED CT will be used

SNOMED CT is used for recording diagnoses, procedures and drugs.

Why SNOMED CT was selected

The information strategy from the Department of Health cites SNOMED CT as the terminology for use in the NHS in England. This approach has been endorsed by the British Medical Association as well as individual Royal Colleges such as the Royal College of Physicians. Development of a new system meant they were keen to fit in with the national strategy to enable them to be able to communicate with the other NHS organisations, for example GP's providing referrals to the hospital.

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