Location: Ontario, Canada


Connecting authors and editors of evidence-based medicine clinical textbooks, systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines with high quality clinical evidence to support writing.

How SNOMED CT will be used

  1. Create a subset of SNOMED CT concepts that are useful in the high level description of clinical research literature in primary care, internal medicine and surgery, as well as chapter content found in evidence-based clinical medicine textbooks.
  2. Forge concept connections between the units of evidence (studies) and evidence summaries (textbook chapter content).
  3. Electronically distribute evidence to authors and editors by web service or by an email and online alerting system.

Why SNOMED CT was selected

SNOMED CT was selected due to its Canadian roots, being an international standard that is maintained by the IHSTDO. It provides exceptional conceptual granularity when needed and it is amenable to the creation of a customized subset with which to perform in-house coding (indexing) of critically appraised evidence-based medicine literature and clinical textbook chapter content.

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