The product Cube EHR is using SNOMED CT as a standard vocabulary for diagnosis and procedures.

Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan



How SNOMED CT will be used

SNOMED CT will be used:
  • As a code system to store clinical information (i.e. storing SNOMED CT identifiers in your patient records)
  • As an interface terminology to capture or display clinical information (i.e. using SNOMED CT descriptions on the user interface or mapping to an interface terminology)
  • As an indexing system to retrieve clinical information (i.e. to find patient records by mapping to SNOMED CT etc.)
  • As a common terminology for communication (i.e. sending SNOMED CT codes to other healthcare providers)
  • As a dictionary to link health records to clinical knowledge resources (i.e. clinical decision support, clinical guidelines, clinical research) for clinical documentation, decision support and for reporting

Why SNOMED CT was selected

SNOMED CT was chosen due to certification and because its a comprehensive vocabulary which adds value.

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