Ontario DATIS was created to store substance addiction and problem gambling data for the treatment agencies funded by MoHLTC. Interoperability of DATIS information with the ICES databases, as required by Ontario, will be based on use of Infoway standards, including SNOMED CT.

It is suggested to develop a reference set of SNOMED CT to capture information collected by DATIS on a regular basis.

Location: Ontario, Canada


Ontario substance addiction and problem gambling treatment data as funded by MoHLTC. The SNOMED CT concepts will be used (with permissible value sets when applicable), to map the data appropriately and in various DATIS reports, where possible.

How SNOMED CT will be used

Where possible, features of substance addiction and problem gambling treatment that are collected by DATIS agencies will be coded with SNOMED CT. Analyze the alignment of existing SNOMED CT set to DATIS data elements set to previously analyzed NTIs as reported by CCSA.

Why SNOMED CT was selected

DATIS Catalyst rebuild initiative is aiming to provide for semantic interoperability with Ontario databases. SNOMED CT is the pan-Canadian standard suggested by Canada Health Infoway and allows to be used with HL7 messaging standards.

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