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Vendor Overview


TachyHealth is a leading healthcare data and artificial intelligence startup in the Middle East and Africa. It works at the value chain between healthcare providers and payers offering value based healthcare, revenue cycle management, and decision support solutions to the clients. The company has been supported by Microsoft, HSBC bank, TiE , Area 2071, and is part of the Ai4Health initiative by the WHO and the ITU.

SNOMED CT-enabled solutions

1- AiCode is a medical coding system powered by Artificial intelligence to help medical coders perform faster and more reliable function. The system leverage NLP to understand any kind of unstructured medical charts and documents including the handwritten charts (discharge summary, physicians notes, operative notes, laboratory reports, radiology reports, etc) and convert them to the right coding output including ICD10, CPT, DRG, SNOMED CT, ACHI, LONIC, and many others.

2- AiCare is a telehealth and remote patient monitoring solution that connect healthcare providers and patients in a smart and easy to use apps and interfaces. The system leverage artificial intelligence in its clinical decision support using SNOMED CT, and other libraries to make the doctors input safer and following clinical practice guidelines. 3- AiGuide is a smart guide for physicians that put the power of AI at the point of care. The system works as a layer on top of the EMR/EHR and is doing so through multiple data exchange and standardisation including SNOMED CT. The system help physicians make the right decision while minimising the charting time by 50%. It also provides more standardized care and improve the clinical outcomes.

Scope of services

Clinical coding, Clinical documentation, EHR, EMR, Middleware, Order sets, Telehealth

Regions where operational

Africa, Middle East

Downloadable documents


In5-Tech , Dubai Internet City

Contact details

Osama AbouElkhir

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