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Cerner Corporation

Vendor Overview

Cerner Corporation

B2i Healthcare (B2i) is a boutique software engineering firm specialized in SNOMED CT and healthcare information standards and exchange.

We provide products to simplify SNOMED CT adoption and offer software development services to support healthcare IT needs. Our Snow Owl® technology family is used in 2,500+ locations in over 83 countries worldwide.

We’ve been delivering successful healthcare IT projects since 2005. In addition to our own product suite, we have developed tooling and server components for a variety of organizations around the world.

We pride ourselves on reliably delivering industrial-strength tools and software solutions that provide real customer value. We help standards bodies and national healthcare programs solve their healthcare tooling problems.

SNOMED CT-enabled solutions

Snow Owl® is our flagship product, a collaborative terminology authoring platform used in over 83 countries to view and maintain healthcare terminologies, create value sets and mappings, and run semantic queries on healthcare data.

Snow Owl is primarily designed to support maintenance and publication workflows for countries that create national extensions to SNOMED CT. In addition to SNOMED CT, we offer strong support for related terminologies — particularly LOINC, ICD-10, and ATC — as well as local code systems.

Snow Owl is integrated with a Drug Dictionary module that enables pharmacists to record medication data using simple forms and transform it into SNOMED CT’s ontological representation. This allows executing semantic queries on the data and also creating sets of drug product concepts that match a particular use case (e.g. prescribing, dispensing, or administration).

Rather than relying on proprietary standards, Snow Owl is driven by an ISO standard model repository. This provides a full revision history and audit log of all changes and enables transactional multi-user collaboration. Snow Owl acts as the backbone terminology repository for the IHTSDO’s international release of SNOMED CT.

Scope of services

Analytics, Clinical coding, Drug, EHR, Middleware, Order sets, Pharmacy

Regions where operational

Asia, Europe, Global, North America

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Contact details

Orsolya Bali
Vice President

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