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Provide Input as a Vendor

SNOMED International values the input of vendors into the product development and planning process. Vendors are welcome to participate in the Vendor Liaison Forum (VLF), which advises the Management Board and Management Team. For more information about upcoming VLF meetings, please contact the Customer and Stakeholder Relationship team:

Ian Green: 

Shelley Lipon: 

Asia Pacific
Liara Tutina:

Middle East and Africa & Vendor Engagement
Nick Egarhos:

SNOMED International has produced a 'Vendor Introduction to SNOMED CT' which provides an informative practical introduction to SNOMED CT, focused primarily on the needs of vendors and developers of EHRs. Please click here to access online and/or download the document.

Are you a vendor seeking further information about how working with SNOMED CT could enhance your offerings for the global market? Please visit our vendor portal 'SNOMED Inside', a one-stop shop for vendors and buyers.

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