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SNOMED International arranges two public events per year; one in April and one in October. 

The April event is principally a business meeting. It is held in London and includes:

  • Formal Business Meetings of Governance and Advisory bodies (groups with an appointed or elected membership)
  • Meetings of some SNOMED International Working Groups: working sessions of groups, completing a defined set of deliverables
  • Many of the meetings are open to observers, but some sessions are closed.

Business Meeting Details


The October event is a larger conference with a broader scope. It is held in a different region each year and includes:

  • Formal Business Meetings of Governance and Advisory bodies (as above)
  • Working Group meetings (Clinical Reference Groups and Project Groups)
  • SNOMED CT Expo, including:
    • Presentations and posters related to implementation experience
    • Tutorials and workshops
    • Exhibition of SNOMED CT-enabled applications

SNOMED CT Expo Details


Upcoming Events:

April Business Meetings  SNOMED CT Expo & October Business Meetings
  • 2019: April 7th to April 10th
  • 2020: April 5th to April 8th
  • 2018: October 14th to October 19th
  • 2019: October 27th to November 1st
  • 2020: October 18th to October 23rd

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