medicalvalues is an innovative, fast growing medical software company based out of Karlsruhe. It is our vision to connect the dots in clinical pathways and enable improved patient outcomes. With the medicalvalues platform we support the medical diagnosis process for diseases like anemia, diabetes and fat metabolic illnesses through a combination of research knowledge, clinical guidelines and machine learning based on historical doctor’s decisions. The key differentiators of our platform are a combination of a decentral and central architecture allowing strict data protection and anonymization as well as cross-institutional knowledge sharing. In addition, we combine a validated knowledge graph with our machine learning technology to make our decision support system more accurate and explainable for the medical experts.

SNOMED CT enabled solutions

The medicalvalues platform leverages the SNOMED CT terminology as our approach to interoperability. We use the syntax (besides LOINC and RadLex) to encode parameters, findings, diseases and imaging results for modelling our advanced machine learning algorithm.

Scope of services

Analytics, Chronic disease, Clinical coding, Clinical documentation, EHR, Lab, Oncology, Order sets

Regions where operational

Africa, Europe


Haid-und-Neu-Straße 18

Contact details

Jan Kirchhoff
CEO & Co-Founder
+49 1632545289