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European Renal Dialysis Association

European Renal Dialysis Association

Clinical partner

SNOMED International and the European Renal Dialysis Association - European Dialysis and Transplant Association in December 2017 signed a SNOMED CT Licensing Agreement. This built on a previous research agreement that ERA-EDTA had to use SNOMED CT for Primary Renal Disease (PRD) in the ERA-EDTA registry, clarifying further the use of SNOMED CT and how the SNOMED CT content should be managed over time. The SNOMED CT Licensing Agreement is for 5 years and on review can be renewed for a further 5 years.

This provides a free set of the primary renal disease content for use in the Renal Registry. As of May 2022, the Renal Registry became solely managed by ERA, and will be referred to as the ERA Free Set. This free set is also included as part of SNOMED International's Global Patient Set.

Additional information

The SNOMED CT Licensing Agreement covers the use of an agreed set of SNOMED CT codes and descriptions for the Primary Renal Disease (PRD) in the ERA registry. The agreed SNOMED CT set is updated annually in line with the July release of SNOMED CT, taking into account changes to SNOMED CT and any requests for changes from ERA.

The focus of this agreement is to support those who are using SNOMED CT in EHRs to be able to link directly to the ERA registry but in addition, the agreement provides the SNOMED CT set free for use globally for those who have not yet transitioned to the use of SNOMED CT. If, however, implementers use additional SNOMED CT content (outside scope of the agreed set), they are subject to SNOMED CT licensing arrangements which may incur a fee in SNOMED International non-Member countries

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