SNOMED International was founded on that principle. In 2007, IHTSDO was established to build and strengthen SNOMED CT, other health terminologies and related terminology products, and to develop, maintain, promote and enable the uptake and correct use of its terminology products in health systems, services and products around the world. We are a strong and proud collaborative membership organization, serving and responding to the needs of the healthcare sector.

In 2017 we adopted the trading name of SNOMED International, to reflect our evolution to a product and service-oriented organization. We work with our Members and other stakeholders to prioritize the strategic development of SNOMED CT to meet the needs of the healthcare sector.

Strategic directions

The organization's 2015-2020 Strategic Directions were originally approved by the General Assembly in October 2015 and last updated and approved in April 2017.

Annual work plans

Our activities include the delivery of regular services (e.g., the biannual SNOMED CT release) and projects that address specific needs of Members, Affiliates and end-users. Projects are set out in annual work plans developed by the management team, based on input from Members and other stakeholders. The Work Plan is subject to the approval of the General Assembly.

Annual work plan documents

SNOMED International


SNOMED International publishes an Annual Report to demonstrate what SNOMED International and our Members have accomplished.

Annual reports

SNOMED International
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