Trading as SNOMED International, the organization has grown to 38 Members and has issued Affiliate Licenses to more than 5,000 individuals and organizations.

Members of SNOMED International can be an agency of a national government, or another body (such as a corporation or regional government agency) endorsed by an appropriate national government authority within the territory it represents.

Members play a critical governance role through the approval of the organization's budget and strategy. 

Member onboarding

Member onboarding process represents the discussions and materials through which new Members are briefed on the resources, tools, policies and mechanisms for support available through membership in SNOMED International. Onboarding also provides Members with information relating to potential national implementation models


Software and tools that have been designed and developed by SNOMED International primarily support the International and Spanish Editions of SNOMED CT.

They are also integral to the provision of the Managed Service to those Members who sign up to use the hosted authoring platform for the management of local country extensions.


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