These resources include the national and international classifications, the Swedish terminology database and SNOMED CT, as well as the national information structure initiative.

The National Board of Health and Welfare runs the SNOMED CT National Release Centre, and is responsible for maintaining and distributing the Swedish extension of SNOMED CT. The extension contains translations into Swedish of the preferred terms from the international edition as well as nationally added content which is specific to Swedish health care.

The National Release Centre is also in charge of user support and training to external stakeholders, and collaborates with other organizations to promote adoption of SNOMED CT. Some of the key adoption projects are presented on
The national source for reasons for prescribing medication, with SNOMED CT serving as the foundation for the terminology, has been finalized and there is an ongoing discussion with other organizations on how to make it available in EHR systems.

A coding system for medical alert information has been developed including allergies, contagious diseases and critical conditions using SNOMED CT and other coding systems.

Integration of SNOMED CT concepts into national clinical guidelines and other resources for knowledge published by the National Board of Health and Welfare is ongoing and the Swedish NRC is involved in a national initiative to use SNOMED CT within pathology. The first stage of the project is focused on pancreatic cancer.

More information about SNOMED CT in Sweden can be accessed here:

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