The Hong Kong Clinical Terminology Table (HKCTT) was developed by integrating international terminologies commonly used in Hong Kong, including SNOMED CT to ensure shared health data can be accurately interpreted for supporting the interoperable eHR. The NRC has actively promulgated the use of HKCTT and it is widely adopted by eHRSS healthcare providers in Hong Kong to record and transmit clinical information. 
In addition to being made available for use in eHRs, public health research and other applications, HKCTT is mapped to SNOMED CT and made available to end-users online or offline means, and through incorporation into end-user software applications. Hong Kong, China will continue to develop and maintain content that is specific to the needs of the territory-wide eHR for the better delivery of healthcare services to patients. 
As one of exploration trial initiatives, SNOMED CT is used in Hong Kong, China to generate clinical alert for suspected cancer cases. With the adoption of SNOMED CT, it is hoped that alert can be sent to clinicians for timely actions such that it can enhance patient safety and facilitate pathology result management.  In addition, SNOMED CT is being used to support self-service data retrieval on microbiology / virology and histology data at the Hospital Authority who manages 42 public hospitals. 

More information about SNOMED CT in Hong Kong, China can be accessed here:

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