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IHTSDO releases Vendor Introduction to SNOMED CT

April 30, 2015

IHTSDO is launching an extensive programme of vendor engagement underpinned by a comprehensive Vendor Engagement Strategy. As part of that, IHTSDO is pleased to publish its Vendor Introduction to SNOMED CT. The guide is targeted at people engaged in the development of electronic health record (EHR) systems and other related services and applications in healthcare information technology. It will also be of interest to a broader audience including anyone engaged in designing, developing, procuring, deploying, configuring or managing EHR systems and services. 

The Vendor Introduction to SNOMED CT provides an informative practical introduction to SNOMED CT focused primarily on the needs of vendors and developers of EHRs. It identifies key benefits for vendors arising from implementing SNOMED CT; provides a brief description of the key characteristics of SNOMED CT; acknowledges that the diverse nature of EHR systems, as well as the wide scope of SNOMED CT, means that there can be no universal approach for implementing SNOMED CT in systems; introduces ten ways in which SNOMED CT can be used in EHR systems; discusses potential SNOMED CT implementation strategies; covers a number of considerations that arise out of embedding SNOMED CT into an EHR system; describes the three types of license that govern use of SNOMED CT; provides links to many of the key resources for further learning about SNOMED CT, and offers high-level guidance on ways to deliver a positive user experience of SNOMED CT as part of an EHR system. 

The Vendor Introduction to SNOMED CT provides an authoritative introduction and points readers to other SNOMED CT documentation for detailed information. Basic information about SNOMED CT including its benefits can be found in the SNOMED CT Starter Guide. In-depth technical information can be found in the Technical Implementation Guide and other guides. All these and others are available from the SNOMED CT Document Library. 

The link to the Vendor Introduction to SNOMED CT, other SNOMED CT documentation and the SNOMED CT Document Library are below:

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