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April 2018 SNOMED CT Spanish Edition Production Release Available

The Production release of the April 2018 SNOMED CT® Spanish Edition is now available from the MLDS distribution site.  This release contains the Spanish language version of the January 2018 SNOMED CT® International Edition. 

All files distributed for the April 2018 SNOMED CT® Spanish Edition are available from the “April 2018 v1.0” version in the “SNOMED CT Spanish package - Edición en Español” project, which can be found on the “SNOMED International Releases” page in MLDS, accessed here: 

          https://mlds.ihtsdotools. org/#/ihtsdoReleases

The SNOMED CT® Spanish Edition Production release is distributed as a single zipped file archive:  

SnomedCT_SpanishRelease-es_ Production_20180430T120000Z. zip

The Release Notes and Starter Guide have been separated from the Spanish Edition package, and can be viewed online on SNOMED International’s Release Management Confluence website:

Release Notes: https://confluence. viewpage.action?pageId= 59348753
Starter Guide: https://confluence. viewpage.action?pageId= 59348706
The Release Notes have also been published as a .pdf file alongside the release package, in the same MLDS repository. 

If you have any questions about the April 2018 SNOMED CT® Spanish Edition Production release, or have difficulties downloading the files, please contact SNOMED International at with “April 2018 Spanish Edition Production release” in the subject line.   

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