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2019 Q1 Newsletter

As SNOMED CT is a clinical terminology, it is essential that we have input from clinicians to ensure that it remains relevant and up to date with the ever changing face of healthcare. Your opinion as clinicians is therefore essential to us to highlight the necessary changes and updates required, and advise us on content and products e.g. subsets which can be provided to support the implementation of SNOMED CT.
Details on Clinical Reference Groups can be found here:
The following are summaries of the work being undertaken by some of the clinical reference and project groups, all of who would welcome new members who have an interest in the subject. In addition, a full list of all groups can be found here:
Dental Clinical Reference Group
The Dental CRG has two significant projects underway.  The first involves building a reference set of concepts that will allow us to transfer a visual representation of the teeth and mouth (called an odontogram) using standards such as HL7 FHIR.  This not only has implications for enhancing patient care, but may have a great impact on administrative efficiency within our payment communities.  A second area of effort relates to a new (2017) classification of one of our most common diseases, periodontal disease.  We are working to develop the concepts necessary to properly represent this greatly revised disease classification.
Nutrition Care Process Terminology Clinical Project Group
The SNOMED Nutrition group has been working on adding nutrition terms in the international edition and conducting a pilot to model about 100 nutrition terms in SNOMED guided by use cases approved by the group. This work is progress
Anesthesia Clinical Reference Group
The Anesthesia CRG is collaborating in the SNOMED CT requirements and usage within the HL7 Domain Analysis Model for intraoperative Anesthesia records which is planned to be finalised in Spring 2019 and will go into the HL7 ballot cycle.

The Anesthesia CRG will be meeting in London on Wednesday 10th April 2019 where we will be hosting representatives of the Royal College of Anaesthetists and Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland to update on work undertaken by the Anesthesia CRG and the content of SNOMED CT to support electronic Anesthesia records.  This will also provide an opportunity to discuss requirements to support the expanding field of perioperative medicine in which the specialty of anaesthesia provides a lead.  It is also planned to hold a discussion about Anesthesia relevant SNOMED CT to support the forthcoming NHS Improvement PSIMS (Patient Safety Information Management System).

The Anesthesia CRG would also like to hear from anyone in the SNOMED community with an interest or comments on the definition of coma and loss of consciousness - see the discussion at
Cancer Synoptic Reporting Project Group
The Cancer Synoptic Reporting Working Group continues to make great progress in addressing the terminology needs for cancer reporting.  Colorectal Cancer, Breast Cancer and Melanoma content is complete.  Final QA is in progress for submission to SI for promotion to international release.  Additional cancer types are queued for terminology development including prostate cancer and the range of GI cancers.
Allergies Hypersensitivity and Intolerance
The Allergy/hypersensitivity/intolerance CRG accomplishments to date have included the recommendation for retirement of multiple allergy to substance groupers as well as their associated substances felt not to be clinically useful as well as approval of the changes to the organization and models for hypersensitivity, allergy, non-allergic hypersensitivity and intolerance. A project has been started in which volunteer members of the CRG will review the existing content of the allergy to substance hierarchy in order to determine whether the concepts represent true allergy or need to be remodelled and moved under more appropriate hierarchies such as non-allergic hypersensitivity or intolerance.


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