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2018 Q4 Newsletter

It has been another busy and productive year for the SNOMED International Technical Services team and alongside the continuing successful releases of the International Edition of SNOMED CT and the suite of derivative products, there has been a lot of other work the team has been involved in.

As always, our main development focus has been on enhancements to our the SNOMED International authoring platform. Two key things to call out are the on-going implementation of template-based authoring, which is a key part of the Content team's Quality Initiative work, and the ability to author and release content, using description logic. Both of these items will play a large part in how we maintain the terminology and, as can be seen in SNOMED CT releases, we are already reaping the benefits of having had these deployed this year. This could not have been done without the involvement of the whole Content team, so thanks to everyone involved.
The Managed Service has also continued to grow with Norway, Switzerland and Ireland starting to use this service during 2018, alongside other users from Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and the United States. Most of the functionality that is developed for the SNOMED International Content team is made available to managed service users and we expect this to continue.
One of our most recent, and newest, activities has been running developer training days, specifically in Argentina & Chile. The objective of the days were to show local software developers how to develop with SNOMED using the software that SNOMED International has made available through our open source repositories. These sessions were very successful and we expect to continue to reach out to the software development community throughout 2019.
This update is just a snippet of the work that the Technical Services team does, which also includes our more operational tasks of making sure that the organization has the infrastructure necessary to carry on business as usual. All of the Technical Services teams' work continues to progress because of the hard work of everyone involved from within the team but also the other SNOMED International lines of business, and the community, so our thanks go out to all and we look forward to more exciting improvements in 2019.


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