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2018 Q4 Newsletter

What a fantastic opportunity and privilege to visit Vancouver, and a superb location too, right downtown on the waterfront.  I lived there for a few years actually; a fact I may have mentioned that to a colleague or two in passing...especially when we popped out to a cake shop right opposite my old apartment.   "Thierry's" wasn't there in 2002! 
Saturday was a full day with Rory Davidson's Terminology Management Working Group, and then on Sunday I was lucky to have enough unallocated time to be able to walk around Stanley Park which is just a beautiful way to spend a few hours, and unseasonably lucky with the weather - all week actually.


The MAG, like most of our advisory groups, usually have two half day sessions. In our Monday meeting we mostly covered items relating to the Description Logic Enhancements that are starting to appear in our releases of SNOMED CT, which is progressing well and we're now looking to the future and adding in Concrete Domains. Also what I thought was going to be a complex discussion on the use of Historical Associations turned out to be entirely founded on typo, so that was the quickest and easiest issue to resolve the whole week!
It was also our first chance to welcome Stefan Schulz - in person - to the group since he joined us over the summer and is already pitching in with valuable input.   Great to have you with us Stefan.
Wednesday's meeting was a little more challenging and a good lesson for me as a co-chair that if clarity hasn't been reached within the time allocated, it's quite possibly not going to be reached at all.  We also agreed plans for publishing a couple of papers and reviewed various updates to tooling - in particular the capabilities of the Classification Service and OWL Toolkit which Kai Kewley has done an excellent job on, and which is now capable of supporting our future planned releases of both the International Edition and Managed Service well as anyone else who works with similar technologies - it's all open source!
On the social side, Canada Health Infoway made us feel very welcome with excellent evening excursions out to the Museum of Anthropology and a curling lesson that I think everyone there would agree is the most fun you can have on a sheet of ice.
So to summarise:  Great Venue, Great Work, Great Play.  Wonder when we'll be back...?



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