You are invited to participate in the public consultation stage of a proposed IHTSDO deprecation and withdrawal of support of RF1. 
The consultation stage will run from 17 July to 1 October 2015.  Participants will be able to review and comment on, via an online form, the deprecation document, including the proposed plan and timeline.  The deprecation document and the link to the feedback form will be available here on the IHTSDO website at during the consultation period.
Reason for Deprecation:
Three of the nine founding IHTSDO Members currently distribute the RF1 version of SNOMED CT. The number of IHTSDO Members has tripled to 27 since RF2 superseded RF1 as the authoritative SNOMED CT distribution format. Only one-ninth of the IHTSDO Membership currently uses the outdated distribution format. There is no longer a business case for IHTSDO to allocate resources to maintaining and mitigating risks associated with this outdated format.
In addition, RF1 has well documented design flaws. Its derivation from RF2 introduces potential safety risks, resulting from possible anomalies in the manually curated Compatibility Package. The design flaws have been corrected in RF2.
By deprecating these obsolete artifacts, IHTSDO will reduce risk and save resources, and it will be able to focus on a more streamlined, accurate, efficient and safe product line.
The scope includes RF1 files distributed as part of the six-monthly release of the SNOMED CT International Edition. These files are distributed in the package called “SnomedCT_RF1Release_INT_yyyyddmm”. These files contain the SNOMED CT terminology, the ICD-O map, and VTM and VMP subsets. These products will continue to be available in the RF2 distribution.
The RF1 canonical relationship file and RF1 developer toolkit will be withdrawn, pending the prioritization of replacement products to be included in the RF2 distribution.