We are excited to announce that, as of 31 December 2016, we have adopted the trading name of SNOMED International, and moved our headquarters to London. As part of this move, the business of IHTSDO (including the intellectual property rights in SNOMED CT) has been transferred to a newly-incorporated company based in England.
In the ten years since IHTSDO was established in 2007 we have grown from nine to twenty-nine Members, and over 5,000 individual and organizational Affiliates. Adopting the trading name of SNOMED International reflects the organization’s focus on our global product SNOMED CT, and our commitment to determining international healthcare terminology standards and engaging with the clinical and vendor communities to incorporate SNOMED CT into healthcare information systems across the world.
“The last ten years have seen great advances in capturing clinical documentation digitally, integrating electronic health record systems, and using global healthcare data,” said SNOMED International Management Board Chair Jamie Ferguson. “SNOMED CT has been instrumental in the adoption of a common global language that allows for the exchange and analysis of healthcare information for the benefit of patients, clinicians and health policy makers.”

“Changing our trading name and moving our headquarters to London is an important step in the evolution of our organization,” said CEO Don Sweete. “The coming years hold exceptional promise for SNOMED International as we further increase our global presence and expand into some exciting new areas like genomics.”
Ensuring the best global standards and systems are adopted means that users can record patient data more accurately and comprehensively and have access to tools and analytics for the benefit of patients, clinicians and health policy makers. SNOMED CT is the most comprehensive and precise common global language for health terms and has been developed collaboratively to ensure it meets the diverse needs of the worldwide healthcare community.
For more information about our relocation, new English entity and trading name, please refer to the information sheet attached.

Information sheets