In addition to the twice annual release of the SNOMED CT International edition, SNOMED International produces and releases a number of SNOMED CT derivative products which are released on a 6 monthly cycle, and in line with the SNOMED CT International Edition release.
Recent work to evaluate the use of these products amongst our different stakeholder groups has indicated that current usage of the range of derivative products is comparatively low due to stakeholder challenges with consuming a twice annual release.  This, coupled with our efforts to better utilize the organization’s content and release resources, has led SNOMED International to the decision to move to an annual release cycle for these products, following an established schedule in line with the January or July International Edition release.
Derivative products scheduled for release in line with the January cycle of the International Edition release include:
  • GP/FP Reasons for Encounter/Health Issues refset
  • ICPC-2 map (Jan 2019 proposed final release before deprecation)
  • SNOMED to GMDN map
Derivative products scheduled for release in line with the July cycle of the International Edition release include:
  • Nursing Activities refset
  • Nursing Health Issues refset
  • Odontogram refset
  • General Dentistry refset
  • SNOMED to GMDN map
In contemplating this shift in practice, SNOMED International underwent significant analysis and stakeholder engagement with its Members, affiliates, clinical groups and collaboration partners. The organization’s governance bodies were further consulted as well as outreach to those parties known to have made use of our derivative products via the Member Licensing & Distribution Service.
The stated changes will take effect with the upcoming Derivative release cycle and in line with the January 2019 International Edition.
Implementation guidance resources have been crafted to reflect the above stated change with regards to the derivative products release schedule. For more information on the derivative products release schedule as well as the range of SNOMED International’s product releases, consult the Releases Page on the SNOMED International website.

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