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The Ministry of Health (MOH) bears national responsibility for ensuring the health of the population of Israel.

It also determines the policy on matters of medical services, supervision, auditing, control, licensing and coordination of the health systems and services.

Policy is based on health information that is gathered routinely from all health services. Data is the building block for policy decisions and the Health Ministry is investing much effort in data sharing, in big data and in digital health across all healthcare services.

While the strategic decision to adopt SNOMED CT as the health system's clinical terminology was taken in 2012, when Israel joined as a member, the implementation method and timing has not yet been determined. This is because plans to implement SNOMED were linked to strategic decisions regarding the upgrading of the ICD coding system in a joint project.

There are no plans to translate SNOMED into Hebrew, as medical diagnoses are written in English in all electronic health records.

More information about SNOMED CT in Israel can be accessed here:

Contact Details

Ministry of Health
39 Yirmiyahu St

Email: Dr Yael Applbaum; Dr. Barbara Silverman

Appointed Representatives

General Assembly: Dr. Boaz Lev, Ombudsman for Medical Professions, Israel Health Ministry

Member Forum: Dr. Yael Applbaum, Director, Health Information Quality, Israel Health Ministry

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