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In 2010, IHTSDO and WHO entered into a ground-breaking collaborative arrangement that would change the relationship between the two organisations and their respective standards. The intent of the arrangement was effectively to have the ICD-11 classification and SNOMED CT linked so that users who had licenses for both would benefit.

In 2015, recognizing that five years had passed since the original agreement had been signed, each organisation decided to conduct its own review of the arrangement and the work done to date. The WHO review resulted in recommendations related to the improvement of relations with the stakeholder community to benefit the work on ICD-11. The IHTSDO work on content related to the ICD -11 project will not be finished until 2017, so the internal review was focused instead on governance, communication, and Intellectual Property. It recommended that the collaborative arrangement be reviewed to ensure that work underway mirrored the wording in the agreement. Further, it recommended enhanced communication, transparent project plans, and more proactive dissemination to stakeholders in order to improve visibility of the IHTSDO contribution and commitment to the ICD-11 project. 

IHTSDO/SNOMED International and WHO remain committed to the overall goal of the original arrangement and are working on developing new ways of moving forward with a revision. Further information will be available once the collaborative arrangement has been formally revised and mutually agreed by both organizations.

The original agreement is linked as an information sheet below, along with more details about IHTSDO work on aligning SNOMED CT and ICD-11 content and a slide set presented at a workshop at AMIA 2015 describing the experience so far in working towards linking SNOMED CT and ICD-11. A call for clinical experts is also linked below, who are needed to review what SNOMED CT changes are being proposed, to ensure clinical relevance for international usage as well as ensuring that the clinical definitions are understandable and in line with current clinical thinking.

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