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Trillium Bridge

Trillium Bridge has proven that work undertaken separately for many years, in Europe as well as in the US, can be connected and shared in order to support the care of individuals as they move cross borders. The project has demonstrated that, working collaboratively with the relevant SDO’s, the different components can be made interoperable, technically and semantically which is a good reflection of what the Joint Initiative Council can bring to the future of this work. 
SNOMED International is pleased to see SNOMED CT has enabled safe, transferable and translatable patient data as part of this work. Therefore we fully support the key recommendation of the report: 
Advance an International Patient Summary (IPS Standard) to enable people to access and share their emergency or unplanned care health information anywhere and as needed. 
At minimum the IPS should include immunizations, allergies, medications, clinical problems, past operations and implants.
The challenge now that the project has ended will be to ensure that the recommendations are presented to potential funders and policy makers to ensure that the products and services are put in place to provide long term the maintenance and sustainability - so there is a key need to ensure there is an owner taking responsibility for the functionality and tie in to the standards providers. The owner must recognise the true international requirement for such products and services, and continue to build on activities already underway globally – whether they be in EU, US, South America and AsiaPacific regions. Another key challenge will be to develop the right messaging and benefit statements that are easily understandable by both vendors and clinicians that will drive adoption and create momentum to get this work moved forward.


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