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In 2013, IHTSDO and Regenstrief Institute Inc. signed a long-term agreement to begin cooperative work linking their leading global health care terminologies: Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes, or LOINC, and SNOMED CT.  This timely and significant agreement will help improve safety, functionality and interoperability for the rapidly growing number of clinicians who manage and exchange health data with electronic medical records.

This agreement builds on and complements the strengths of both organizations and terminologies. The cooperative work will link the rich clinical semantics of SNOMED CT to LOINC codes, which provide extensive coverage of laboratory tests and some types of clinical measurements. By aligning how the two terminologies represent the attributes of laboratory tests and some types of clinical measurements, this collaboration will provide users a common framework within which to use LOINC and SNOMED CT.

Like SNOMED International, Regenstrief is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to enhance the effective delivery of health care. The organizations believe it makes sense to work together to limit duplication of effort and focus limited resources on enhancements that serve the practical needs of the growing number of users of LOINC and SNOMED CT.

Details of how this work was proceeding, with timelines for the various activities, were provided at the IHTSDO business meeting in April 2014. For more information, please read the presentation in the information sheet below.

You can learn more about LOINC and Regenstrief by visiting their web-sites. 

For more information about the work to link laboratory LOINC and SNOMED CT please click here.

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