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GS1 is a leading global organization dedicated to the development and implementation of global standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains internationally and across sectors. GS1 is a neutral and not-for-profit organization, with over a million member organisations globally.

In 2010, GS1 and IHTSDO (now SNOMED International) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), facilitating liaison between the two organizations and committing to closer working to ensure compatibility between our respective standards where appropriate. The terms also complemented both organizations' involvement in the Joint Initiative on SDO Global Health Informatics Standardization (JIC).

In April 2016, this MoU was replaced with a Collaboration Agreement focusing on agreed joint work, including:

  • Development of guidance/principles for linking SNOMED CT and GTINs that can be applied at the national/local level
  • Exploring options, feasibility and benefits for a technical solution/model at international level to support local/national linkage between SNOMED CT and GTINs. This will come out of the guidance/principles work.

An Expert Group was put in place in July, 2016 to assist in directing the work and commenting on it based on their requirements for the principles/guidance at a national level.

Based on this work, SNOMED International and GS1 are now able to provide two documents to help implementers who want to link the supply chain to the clinical world for medicinal products. The documents are now agreed as draft ready for use. SNOMED International and GS1 are keen to receive feedback and comments to the end of March 2018, so that the Principles can be updated based on further usage. Feedback can be sent to

Please see below the agreed Scope and Purpose statement for the SNOMED CT to GS1 linkage work as well as the draft Principles and Use cases for review.

For more information about the SNOMED International/GS1 Collaboration Agreement, please see the other Information Sheets below.

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