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Working with other Standards Organizations

SNOMED International has an active program of collaboration with international standards development organizations and professional clinical bodies in order to facilitate the use of SNOMED CT with other international standards

Our collaboration activity aims to enhance consistency in meaningful data capture and information exchange and to improve safety, while improving functionality and enabling interoperability for the growing number of healthcare professions that use and exchange electronic health records that use SNOMED CT and related products.

Some of the resulting products include mappings, SNOMED CT subsets and guidance on the use of SNOMED CT alongside and integrated with other standards e.g., ICD-11 and HL7 messages.

We define collaboration as a mutually beneficial and well-defined relationship entered into by 2 or more organizations to achieve common goals. The relationship includes:

  • a commitment to mutual relations and goals
  • a jointly developed structure and shared responsibility
  • sharing of intelligence proactively and consistently to identify any emerging issues which may affect either
  • organization and the collaboration
  • mutual authority and accountability for success
  • appropriate engagement with users to ensure resulting products and services meet their needs
  • agreed sharing of resources and rewards.

All collaboration agreements, therefore, set out the goals, responsibilities, obligations, timelines and deliverables which enable the respective organizations to manage resources and successfully engage with their communities of practice in the various stages of the work.

If your organization is interested in harmonizing with SNOMED International, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Read more in this section about some of the organizations with which SNOMED International has current collaboration agreements with corresponding agreed work.

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