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Documentation - Diabetes Clinical Project Group

Documentation - Anesthesia Clinical Reference Group

Anesthesia CRG

Documentation - Pharmacy Virtual Clinical Group


Documentation - Mapping Clinical Reference Group

Mapping CRG

Interesting paper on allergy documentation in an EHR

Dr. Macy who is a respected authority on drug allergy will be joining this group. discussion-blueprint uncategorized-discussion

Reuse Documentation Content Across Spaces

Let's say you have a chunk of information in Confluence Space A that might get updated now and then or every month or whatever, and you want to use that chunk of information in a Confluence Space B, Confluence Space C and Confluence Space D. When you update Confluence Space A, you are not going to want to have to remem

Request for proposal - Use case documentation and draft drug model creation_LP_20160308.docx

Request for proposal - Use case documentation and draft drug model creation.docx

"Clinical Documentation using SNOMED CT" (201609)


Reference Documentation - International Family Practice Projects

Reference Documentation - Drugs Collaboration Work - IHTSDO & Termmed

allergy groupers.xlsx - Use Cases Submitted by EmmaME EDQM vs SCT dose forms.xlsx - Dose forms Submitted by EmmaME Introduction to the new national drug terminology.mp4

Reference Documentation - Snomed CT Nursing Subset

Reference Documentation - Content Managers Advisory Group Projects

Documentation - Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Clinical Reference Group

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine CRG

Documentation - Blood Components Clinical Reference Group

Haematology and Blood Products CRG

"Documentation support in a Danish home care terminology (201719)"


Documentation - Nursing Refsets Clinical Project Group

Documentation - Emergency Medicine Clinical Reference Group

Emergency Medicine CRG

Documentation - Mental and Behavioural Health Clinical Reference Group

Reference Documentation - Nursing ICNP to Snomed CT

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