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Reference Documentation - Anesthesia

Reference Documentation - Content Request

Release QA Report Documentation

There are two QA reports generated during the release process: Release QA Release Finalization QA Listed below are all of the possible messages that can be included in these QA reports, and what action should be taken for each of them: Release QA DestinationTerminology target used more than once Mappers confirm whether

Reference Documentation - ERA

ERA spreadsheet Exhibit A SNOMED CT ERA subset 20170731.v1.00.pdf IHTSDO ERA EDTA license agreement 20171213 v1.00.docx

Reference Documentation - Organisms

Reference Documentation - Allergies

Briefing note - Changes to the modeling of hypersensitivity_allergy and pseudoallergy content_final.docx Documents from ECE

Reference Documentation - Anatomy

Reference Documentation - DICOM

Reference Documentation - Observables

Reference Documentation - Orphanet

Reference Documentation - 3MQI

Communication Weekly meetings Thursday 2000UTC. Recorded to the cloud and link to recording shared. Slack channel - direct messaging as required (Note timezone difference) Authoring Platform Project 3MQI Project Key: MMMQI Potential Trackers: 3MQI - Work Items

SNOMED International Governance Documentation

Governance manuals

Reference Documentation - ICD-11

EMAILS IHTSDO Mail - Metrics from JLMM.pdf IHTSDO Mail - Re_ Metrics on Clarification required.pdf IHTSDO Mail - Issues for call today 053121016.html IHTSDO Mail - Sequelae modeling.pdf DOCUMENTS Modelling_of_Complications_Sequela_v9.4_JTCrev.docx ICD11 Statistics 20161124.xlsx sality in complications and sequelae.docx

Reference Documentation - ICD-O

SNOMED CT to ICD-O Morphology Mapping Project V0.2

Implementation Guide for Use of SNOMED CT in Documentation of Allergy, Non-allergic Hypersensitivity and Intolerance

Dear all. I don't remember whether we discussed this document at the onset of this group but if I didn't and for the newer members, this was created in 2016 by the now disbanded implementation SIG. At the time we did not receive support for implementing these recommendations but now it seems there is an effort to explo

Reference Documentation - Consultant Terminologist Program

Reference Documentation - Concrete Domain Project

Documentation - Dentistry Clinical Reference Group

Dentistry CRG

Documentation - Nursing Clinical Reference Group

Nursing CRG

Latest Translation SNOMED International documentation

Guidelines for the Management of Translation Google document for comment and review - (Any problems with access please email i

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