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Service Application Documentation

http://localhost:3000/api/sct/generate?token=hdaskjdhakjdgy7 (Ids metadata, like namespace and parititon is passed in the body) See the full API Documentation in the Swagger Docs.

Documentation - ICNP 2019 Alignment Project Group

Member Licensing and Distribution Service Documentation

This is the home page for the user documentation on how to use the Member Licensing and Distribution Service. If you have any further questions, please send an email to favourite tool-info favourite

Useful Documentation

Authoring Platform User Guide Translation Import Template

The review process for Content Development documentation (word documents)

phase documentation: Upload a final version of the document e.g. 1.0, Content Project Tracker Documents ensuring it includes a summary of any review feedback … forward to the elaboration phase. Upon completion of the elaboration phase, combined phase or fast track documentation: Upload a final version of the document

Documentation - Allergy CRG

Allergies/hypersensitivity and intolerance CRG favourite shortened title

Reference Documentation - MedDRA

SNOMED Genomics Documentation and Articles

A Census of Disease Ontologies For centuries, humans have sought to classify diseases based on phenotypic presentation and available treatments. Today, a wide landscape of strategies, resources, and tools exist to classify patients and diseases. Ontologies can provide a robust foundation of logic for precise stratifica

Admin Documentation

Prerequisites and Software Dependencies Building and Deploying in Eclipse Installing and Configuring Nginx Gateway

QMS Documentation

This section contains materials that have been migrated from the QMS.

Reference Documentation

Deprecation Notice This page has been replaced by QI Sub-hierarchy - weekly status Scope QI Scope, Process, Progress Child Pages Meeting Agenda Meeting Information QI Potential Sub Hierarchies for work QI Sub-hierarchy - weekly status

DevOps Documentation

201610_BAR_HealthScore – Documentation using SNOMED CT_Abstract.docx

IHTSDO Translation Documentation

file-list Migration of unmigrated content due to installation of a new plugin

MLDS REST API Documentation

IHTSDO MLDS REST API IHTSDO-MLDS provides a limited number of APIs to support integration with other systems. For further information on the REST APIs to get access to releases, please go to the MLDS Release Packages API page. Schema All access to the API is over HTTPS to the http://mlds.ihtsdotool

Reference Documentation - GMDN

Reference Documentation - Dentistry


Reference Documentation - CMT

CMT Donations CMT Guidance version 0.1.docx CMT Status Grid II

Reference Documentation - Functioning

Reference Documentation - LOINC Two

Mapping and Modeling Guidelines Inception/Elaboration for SNOMED CT Observable entities LOINC Part List:

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