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Clinical focused documentation resources

Clinically focused documentation Clinical resources file-list


Documentation Member Documentation System Documentation Process Documentation (INTERNAL) Reports Document templates Spanish Member Collaboration process

Reference Documentation - Substances

Guidelines for Modeling and Terming v0.4.pdf 20-NOV-2019 Other Core documentation including briefings Documents Files Versions Authors Approved Date Update … jcase JUN2017 Briefing note - Changes to the modeling of hypersensitivity, allergy and pseudoallergy content in SNOMED CT Reference Documentation - Allergies

SNOMED International Governance Documentation

Meeting stock photo.jpg Welcome to the Governance Documentation space, containing IHTSDO Governance Manuals and additional information about the General … the specific governance manual you are commenting on. ihtsdo_brand_master_CMYK.png This space contains the following documentation: Title Comments GA Governance

Reference documentation - ICD-O-3.2 Update Project

Supporting documentation Documents Files Versions Authors Date ICD-O-3.1 ICD-O-3.1.pdf WHO IARC 2011 ICD-O-3.2 preview WHO IARC

Clinically useful SNOMED CT Documentation

Clinically useful SNOMED CT documentation Clinical resources

Reference Documentation - Drug Model

Current Versions of Editorial Guidelines and Project Related Documentation Document Date Comment Medicinal Product Hierarchy - Editorial Guidelines for Modeling and Terming v2.0.pdf 2019-Jun-20 Updated to v2.0 Pharmaceutical Dose Form Hierarchy - Editorial Guidelines for Modeling and Terming v1.0.pdf 2019-Oct-4

Technical Documentation

High-level Documentation System Architecture Persistence Framework … +Viewer REST Interfaces Rest API documentation REST Security Service

Reference Documentation - Devices

Briefing Notes Documents Versions Approved Date Briefing Note Devices August 2019-v1.0.pdf 1.0 Aug 7, 2019 Aug 7, 2019 Core documentation Documents Files … SNOMED CT OCT2016 Supporting documentation Documents Files Versions Authors Date Medical device terminology and identification standards NZ Medical Device

Subset Documentation

Documentation needed for distribution of a Subset file-list Migration of unmigrated content due to installation of a new plugin

Subset Documentation

Documentation needed for distribution of a Subset file-list Migration of unmigrated content due to installation of a new plugin

Process Documentation

IHTSDO Products or Services Process Documentation IHTSDO Products SNOMED CT Release Configuration and Packaging Conventions Negative Delta file processing

Rest API documentation

Overview Documentation on the REST APIs. General Principles The REST APIs were designed with some general principles in mind Each REST method takes … computed). A request for the next page always makes a server callback. Specific API Documentation The best documentation on the REST services are in the Swagger UI

Documentation for Necessary Normal Form

As part of the work being done for the DL Enhancements, documentation has been generated to describe the new Necessary Normal Form … are invited to review this documentation and submit any comments at their earliest convenience.

Reference Documentation - SDoH

The Gravity Project The Gravity Project Materials Gravity Project FHIR IG

Shared documentation

Observables Project Documentation

So, I was making a presentation to an Ontology group in Buffalo and was asked what some of the Observable Project attributes man. Do we have a draft documentation of the current model? Jim

Reference Documentation - Drug Content

Dose forms Issues, Requirements, and Notes Project Overview- Drugs Project Hierarchy Modeling Preview Product hierarchy Issues, Requirements, and Notes Reference Documentation - Drug Content Archive

CRS Technical Documentation

This section provides some of the documentation which describes the SNOMED CT Content Request Service technical solution, including some of the requirements that have been used during its development. For further information, or access to the open source code repositories, please get in touch

Service Application Documentation

http://localhost:3000/api/sct/generate?token=hdaskjdhakjdgy7 (Ids metadata, like namespace and parititon is passed in the body) See the full API Documentation in the Swagger Docs.

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