digiSUS, Brazil’s ehealth Strategy, outlines the use of information and communication technology to support the future of health care, allowing development of a different National Health System, a ‘consumer-centric’ system, where citizens will be engaged to have more control for managing their own care and that of their families. SUS, our National Health System, is the largest public healthcare system in the world, and also the most ambitious. It supports all levels of care, from primary to specialized care, and covers all procedures from prevention to transplantations, for over 200 Million people across a continental country. In such a vast system, technology can help to promote the disruptive changes the system needs to be fair, efficient and sustainable.

In order to achieve semantic interoperability, in 2011 the Ministry of Health of Brazil published a Ministerial Order mandating national EHR interoperability standards. In this order – which was submitted to public scrutiny and approved by all departments of health, Brazil defined SNOMED CT as the chosen international reference terminology to be used in clinical systems.

More information about SNOMED CT in Brazil can be accessed at: ​http://portalms.saude.gov.br/

Appointed Representatives

General Assembly: TBC

Member Forum: Mara Lucia dos Santos Costa, Leandro Manassi Panitz

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SUS Monitoring and Evaluation Dept., Ministry of Health

Esplanade of the Ministries, Block G, Headquarters 4th floor, North Wing
70058-900, Brasília-DF

Website: http://portalms.saude.gov.br/

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