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2019 Q2 Newsletter

2019 has already been another busy year for the Technical Services team at SNOMED International. The team has been working on a few key areas.
As with any IT infrastructure, the time always comes around to upgrade to ensure that systems and servers are compatible with newer technologies and covered by important system patches. As the SNOMED International infrastructure is now fairly extensive to cover all the services which are provided, the work to upgrade our servers operating system is a major project and has been progressing alongside the usual maintenance and support tasks. The team hopes to have this completed over the summer months.
Most of you will be aware that the July 2019 SNOMED CT International Edition is an important release with the move away from using stated relationships to OWL axioms to represent the stated view of the terminology. This is a major step forward to further express the ontology using a standard which is already used across IT. This involves a lot of changes to most of the systems that are used to browse, maintain and release SNOMED CT, and the team has been working hard on these for both the internal authoring team, Managed Service and other users.

We have continued involving the software development community through more iterations of the SNOMED CT developer training days in South America. We had some training days in Brazil and Uruguay which were well attended and gave developers insights on how to implement a local SNOMED CT terminology server and work with SNOMED CT in their applications and solutions.

The team has also made great strides working on SNOMED CT on FHIR, culminating in SNOMED International as one of the sponsors the HL7 FHIR DevDays event in Redmond, WA, USA as well as presenting sessions on how to work with SNOMED CT and FHIR. SNOMED International’s open source SNOMED CT terminology server, Snowstorm, also now supports FHIR Terminology Services and will play a part in future developer training.

As usual, the team continues to work hard to keep the lights on and support the organization and the community.


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