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2018 Q3 Newsletter

Call for Participation

The SNOMED Mental and Behavioural Health Clinical Reference Group has come together to systematically evaluate and improve mental health content in SNOMED-CT. We are seeking participation from a diverse group of experts in the behavioral, social, and neurosciences and the broad spectrum of clinicians and disciplines involved in the delivery of mental health care around the world.

Mental health content in SNOMED has never been systematically addressed, and presents some unique concept modeling challenges not encountered in other domains of healthcare. The sheer breadth of concepts along with the depth of expertise required to adequately model concepts used in every day clinical care are two such challenges.

We are actively seeking your participation in this project – a project that will not only inspire and challenge you both personally and professionally, but that promises to create the high-quality terminology resource that is a prerequisite to building a learning health system for mental health.


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