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2018 Q3 Newsletter

Call for Participation

On Tuesday October 16th In Vancouver there will be the opportunity to join two sessions of the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Clinical reference group to discuss work priorities and ways of collaboration.

Session 1 will provide a recap on the role of the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Clinical CRG and example use cases from Sweden and the UK with specific questions to the group for their advice.

Other country member representatives are asked to consider their priorities for work in the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine area and SNOMED CT and bring them to this session for discussion.
In session 2  we move on to in depth discussions in ways of working and potential collaboration with other groups such as FHiR, IHE and Genomics.

There is an opportunity to discuss more technical aspects of sharing content information and potential tooling requirement discussions and SNOMED CT content sharing.
We invite all members to our open group to represent your priorities and enhance prioritisation of key pathology workstreams.


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