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2018 Q3 Newsletter

Call for Participation

The Anesthesia Clinical Reference Group is an active group for the clinical specialty
of anesthesia and related areas. The majority of the membership are practicing
clinicians, but the membership also includes scientists and industry representatives
from information system suppliers.

The key aim of the group is to ensure that SNOMED CT has relevant, up to date and
comprehensive coverage of clinical terminology relevant to the use of anesthesia
information management systems. This includes areas such as general anesthesia,
local and regional anesthetic procedures, artificial ventilation and respiratory
support, healthcare devices, physiological measurement and monitoring, outcomes
and adverse events in anesthesia and surgery. The Anesthesia CRG is active in the
development and review of SNOMED CT content relevant to anesthesia and allied

The CRG maintains professional relationships with leading and governing bodies
including the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (USA) Anesthesia Quality
Institute (USA), Royal College of Anaesthetists (UK), Society for Technology in
Anesthesia (USA), Society for Computing and Technology in Anaesthesia (UK)

The CRG collaborates with the Health Level 7 (HL7) Anesthesia SIG in a project to
deliver a balloted Domain Analysis Model for computerised anesthesia records that
references the principles of HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperabilty Resources)
including the enumeration and use of SNOMED CT terminology binding in templates.

The majority of the current CRG membership are from the USA, UK and Canada. The
CRG is keen to expand this membership more widely with the SNOMED community
of practice and would welcome participation and expressions of interest from other
SNOMED International member states.


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